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Limited students per batch

Unique Pattern of Teaching

Weekly Test and Regular Practice Sheet

CBSE to JEE level (as per Students choice)

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About us

BAJAJ CLASSES is a coaching institute it has different training programmes for students who aim to compite for entrance exams.

Including a team, the Institute is run by ex-Engineer which is highly qualified, experienced and competitive faculties. The institute is suurounded by a different environment that motivate and inspires students to builds up confidence and explore their own potential and in them. Many of brilliant and capable students begin preparation for these competitive exams ISEET,PET unconfident and unknown of their own potential. Here the pace and level of our course is planned in such a manner that even an average student having low aptitude levels can take benefit from it. Bajaj Classes believes in patience and tries to explore the potential of each and every student, intelligent or an average Bajaj Classess started, in 2009 at Bhopal, was a very small one, with only ten students enrolled. Within three years, in June 2012, it expanded with a 200 students.The growing popularity is reflected by the fact that the number of student who approaches Bajaj Classes exceeds day-by-day, but to maintain quality and provide satisfaction to each and every student we never go beyond our capacity. At Bajaj Classes, the faculty members are full-time employees of the institution. Hence, their dedication and commitments are distinctly oriented toward competitive examination and student's academic growth. Institute has developed a faculty strength to always maintain an optimum student teacher ratio, so as to give faculty member adequate time to constantly strive for making their teaching more effective. Bajaj Classes objectives is to try and make each one of the student a winner that is why it has build a high quality and a highly competent organization, which imparts quality education to achieve excellence in examinations. Not only that it likes to make quality education accessible to student from all parts of the nation. It aims to extend centers all over the country very soon and to impart quality knowledge to young mind, to help them attain their dreams. For only through their accomplishment can the world progress.


Madhav Bajaj

Teaches Maths and Physics to class 11th and 12th

Kushbu Bajaj

Teaches Maths and Accounts to class 11th and 12th

Vaibhav Bajaj

Teaches Maths and Science to class 8th, 9th and 10th

Courses Offered