Bajaj Classes

Personalized Teaching

A student`s best friend is his/her teacher. Young learners require undivided attention of the coach. Keeping this in mind we strictly adhere to small batch sizes considering the maturity level and attention requirements of the learners.

  • Class 8th batch size -maximum 20 students
  • Class 9th batch size- 20 to 25 students
  • Class 10th batch size- maximum 30 students
  • Class 11th and 12th batch size - 35 to 40 students.
Bajaj Classes

Concept Based Teaching

Any test /exam can be solved with concept clarity

While a plethora of coaching classes give utmost importance to clearing competitive exams, we along with this, put a very high value to concept based learning for a matter of fact that all the competitive exams are based on concept rather than mere facts.

The fact that intelligence (not IQ) together with consistent hard work plays a dominant role in the setting optimistic result, is deep rooted in our teaching philosophy.

Bajaj Classes

Committed Faculty

When sound instructions take place, students experience the ability to excel

Our teaching faculty is dedicated only for the students of Bajaj Classes, rigorously planning according to the changing patterns of exams. They are wondrously devoted and work patiently on parent's as well as the student's feedback of their learning.