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Bajaj Classes


A well-equipped library at Bajaj Classes, houses books of all subjects to cater its students` needs and gives a wide coverage of study material for various school, board and competitive exams.

Bajaj Classes


A comfortable well lit & well ventilated secluded room for students to reflect on their learning through self-study is a place purposely planned to help them revise and self-assess their gaps in learning.

Bajaj Classes


Online learning and assessment is now available for students in the changed times for those who still prefer to continue to learn but in isolation for health reasons. Online classes are delivered with a promise that all the content covered is exactly same as offline class students receive.

Learning can happen anywhere…anytime, if you have a will for that! We provide recorded lecture for our regular students who miss out their coaching session due to genuine reasons.

Our mobile app takes your learning and exam preparation convenience to the next level.

Bajaj Classes


All our endeavours aim at providing a simulated learning experience to the students to prepare them for the pressures of exams

  • Detailed theory portions taken with core concepts explained in a manner simple and easy to understand
  • Solved Examples & In-Chapter Exercises taken up for explanation
  • Accurate and thorough explanations to ensure students internalize core concepts
  • Objective Worksheets solving sessions
  • A comprehensive set of questions bank for every topic is provided, discussed and assessed
  • Extensive Testing & Evaluation is conducted after each topic
  • Students` and Parents feedback is analysed to fill the gaps in learning