Our online teaching platform is now available for students all over India who aim for JEE-Main, JEE Advance, NTSE for classes 9th to 12th.
Students can attend online lectures on mobile, computer, laptop or tablet.

Our Unique Teaching Technique

1. Starting from the basics, our faculty tend to grasp the nature of every student, considering this we create a concept for students who are learning for the first time and where we need to fast track or slowdown the speed according to the student's needs. Making our doubt clearing sessions a top priority, our faculty supports and encourages the students to discuss every single doubts. With such a great experience our faculty know a student's mind, as they understand where the doubt will occur and how to make it clear in a simple way. Students tend to have many doubts, and some of them can't get cleared by any author or a book. It needs the special care and understanding of a teacher who can interact with the student and learn what exactly is the problem and how to clear this doubt. This is the special factor that differs "Bajaj Classes" from any other classes! With this strategy, we cover and clear every topic and doubts that the student have.

Bajaj Classes
Bajaj Classes

2. For the last 1.5 years, we have been operating on the online platform. All our classes have been an outstanding workplace and a great way to explore all the doubts. This has also helped us to understand our students in a new way. We have created this new relationship with our students where the doubts are more clearly heard, understood and rectified as earlier as possible. Bajaj classes have created this aura in the online classes where the students can clear all the doubts as they did in offline sessions and feel the same energy to study.

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